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Fall Emergency Blood Drive


Please e-mail or call Sandy Cameron to schedule an appointment: phone: 973- 225-3648, email:
First time donors are welcome!
To Donate Blood:
 Donors must be 17 to 75 years old. Individuals above 75 years of age need medical clearance from a doctor.
 Donors must weigh at least 110 pounds
 Individuals who frequently take medications for chronic disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure can still donate (each case is evaluated separately)
 Donors must show a form of identification, i.e., a driver’s license
 Donors must eat a good meal and drink plenty of fluids before donating and
avoid caffeine products.

Did You Know?
 That every 2.5 seconds someone needs blood, and that it may be a friend, a family member or even you?
That less than 5% of the population donates blood, yet 80% of the population needs blood?
 That nearly 4 million Americans would die each year without life-saving blood transfusions?
 That an estimated 109,500 Americans will be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma this year and will need bone marrow transplantation?

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