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Centennial Bioblitz - An Environmental Scavenger Hunt


Paterson Great Falls NHP
72 McBride Ave Ext 07501 Paterson United States
Did you ever wonder what organisms call your park home? Now you get the chance to find the answer by participating in a variety of activities designed for every age level, interest and expertise.

What is a BioBlitz?
A BioBlitz is an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time, basically an environmental scavenger hunt.

Are you a nature enthusiast?
-Meet and work with scientists from Montclair State University.
-Find and identify the park’s flora and fauna
-Learn how to document your finds in iNaturalist .

Dropping in to explore your first BioBlitz event?
-Learn how to “BioBlitz” by
completing the “Introduction to BioBlitzing Passport Activity
Book.” Earn Stickers and receive your
BioBlitz graduation certificate (while supplies last).
-Help the Montclair State University Professors identify species.

Additional activities include:
Wildlife Scavenger Hunt
Birds of Prey Demonstration 12PM-2PM
Nature Hikes 10AM - 3PM (schedule coming soon)
Water quality testing
Giveaways for “junior scientists” (while supplies last) and more!

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